We, the descendants of the builders of Stonehenge, those who were made one with the stones and given the blessing of their power, now offer the public a small glimpse into our hidden world, and the rare opportunity to share in the power that has blessed us for millennia. We have remained hidden in order to protect the Earth and her peoples from the awesome and limitless power of the stones. Now that the world has changed, and so many are in need of love and spiritual guidance, we have once again come into the light and offer our guidance to the people of the Earth.

The Stone of Destiny, sometimes called the Stone of Scone, or the Coronation Stone was once part of the same stone as the altar stone at Stonehenge.  The two parts of the stone were split when the Sword Excalibur was removed from the stone.  After being removed from the Coronation Chair, the Stone of Destiny was taken to our order's Secret Temple very near Stonehenge where it remains to this day.  Powerful protection spells keep it and our Temple safe.  Our order has safeguarded the sword Excalibur for these thousands of years since King Arthur died.  Excalibur is suspended above the Stone of Destiny in the center of our Secret Temple and it's presence contributes to the power in all of our spells.

For centuries the Earth's peoples have believed in the awesome power held in sacred stones. From Stonehenge to Easter Island to the holy shrine of the Kaaba at Mecca, men and women the world over have worshiped upon, prayed at, sacrificed upon and drawn power from the sacred stones of the Earth. Stonehenge is the most powerful of all ancient monuments.  See if one of our Stonehenge spells can help you.




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