Merlin the legendary Magician was the founder of our Druidic Order.  Merlin embedded his sword Excalibur into a great stone by Magical means.  The spell he cast upon the sword and stone would only be broken when the true King of Britain arrived to pull the sword free.  That true King was Arthur.

The Altar Stone at Stonehenge is from the same block of stone as the Stone of Destiny, the Coronation Stone for England's Kings.  The two pieces were joined at one time.  This is the same stone which held King Arthur's legendary sword Excalibur.  The two parts of the stone were separated when Excalibur was pulled from the stone.  Our order has safeguarded the sword Excalibur for these thousands of years since King Arthur died.  Excalibur is suspended above the Stone of Destiny in the center of our Secret Temple and it's presence contributes to the power in all of our spells.

When Excalibur, and the Stone of Destiny are used together in a spell casting ceremony at our Secret Temple at Stonehenge, it results in the Most Powerful Spell possible.  Excalibur is only touched with human hands when the most powerful spells on the Planet are cast.  The Excalibur Spell is available for those who want change badly enough to make a significant financial commitment.  This spell is Very Powerful and is not for the faint of heart!

Have an Excalibur Spell cast for you today by our order:  This is The Most Powerful Spell on the Planet!

The cost for this spell is $3000 US dollars







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