The Stone of Destiny, sometimes called the Stone of Scone, or the Coronation Stone was once part of the same stone as the altar stone at Stonehenge.  The two parts of the stone were split when the Sword Excalibur was removed from the stone. 

The Stone of Destiny has a well known history and it's power is also well known. It is commonly known that  Kenneth Mac Alpin, the first King of Scots, in the year 847 was crowned while sitting upon the stone.  All Scottish monarchs were coronated this way until King Edward I captured the stone in 1296 and took it to Westminster Abbey where it was built into a wooden throne upon which all Kings were crowned for hundreds of years.  It is from the Stone of Destiny which Britain's Kings drew their power.  This is the reason such a small country became a superpower.  This power spread to the colonies of Britain, and it's lingering effect explains why the United States became a one of the world's superpowers. 

During the Revolutionary war between England and the Colonies in the new world, the Stone of Destiny was secretly removed from the Coronation Chair and replaced with a replica.  This marks the moment in time where England's world dominance declined.  They lost the war and the colonies broke away with the power of the stone withdrawn.  England's royalty have been crowned upon this replica to this day.  Many people have suspected that the current public display stone is a replica and they are right.

After being removed from the Coronation Chair, the Stone of Destiny was taken to our order's Secret Temple underneath Stonehenge where it remains to this day.  Powerful protection spells keep it and our Temple safe.  The Stone of Destiny is used with all of our spells sending power directly through Stonehenge






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